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I have a bag to check.我有行李需要转运。
Here is my passport. 这是我的护照。
I have a stopover in Bangkok. 我需要在曼谷转机。
Is the flight delayed?航班延误了吗?
The flight will be put off.飞机要延误了。
Due to bad weather condition.因为航空管制。
My flight has been delayed.我的航班延误了。
Will this flight get there on time?航班准点到达吗?
What's the cause of the delay?飞机延误的原因是什么?
How long will the flight be delayed?飞机将要延误多久?
When is the new boarding time?新登机时间是什么时候?
The flight will take four hours.此次飞行将需要四个小时。
When is the next flight available? 下一班还有空位的班机几点?
Where can I get my baggage? 我要去哪里取行李?
I can’ find my baggage. 我找不到我的行李。
Could you please check it urgently?是否可麻烦紧急查询?
I'd like to reconfirm my flight. 我想要再确认班机。
I'd like to make sure of the time it leaves. 我想要确认班机时间没有改变。
Where is the tourist information? 旅游咨询中心在哪里?
Is there an airport bus to the city? 是否有机场巴士可到市区?
Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)? 巴士站牌(出租车招呼站)在哪里?


Where will the customs procedure take place? 海关手续在哪儿办理?
May I have a customs declaration form, please? 请给我一份海关审报表,好吗?
Which way shall I go to immigration? 我应该在哪里办理入境手续?
Where is the immigrantion office? 入境管理处在哪里?
Can you tell me how to fill in this declaration form? 你能告诉我怎样填这申请表吗?
May I have a look at your custom declaration? 我可以看一下你的入境申请表吗?
You go ahead with the formalities. I'll see to the heavy luggage. 您先去办手续,我来帮您照看大件行李。
Our baggage has cleared customs. 我们的行李已经通过了安全检查。
I have a tourist visa. 我办的是旅游签证。
I’m going to stay here for a week as a tourist 我将以游客的身份在此逗留一个星期。
I plan to stay for about 10 days. 我预计停留约10天
I‘m staying at the Benson Hotel. 我住在本森饭店。
Have you filled in the baggage declaration?你的行李申请单填好了吗?
Do you have anything to declare for customs? 你有什么要申报的么?
What's the maximum amount of wine you're allowed to take through customs duty-free? 海关允许你携带酒品的最高免税额是多少?
Is that all for customs formalities? 海关检查就这些了吗?
All my bags are checked in. I guess I'm all set to go. 我的行李都检查完了,看来我可以走了。


Do you handle foreign exchange here?你们这里办理外汇业务吗?
I'd like to cash some traveller's checks here. 我想在这儿兑换一些旅行支票。
What's the exchange rate today? 今天的兑换比率是多少?
Where's the exchange rate list?汇率表在哪儿?
May I have a look at the exchange rate list?我可以看一下汇率表吗?
Five hundred dollars, please. And could you give me ten dollars in small change? 请换500美元。再另外能否给我10元的小面额零钱?
What should I do if I want to exchange RMB for Canadian dollars?如果我想把人民币换成加元该怎么做呢?
WIll it take long? 要很久吗?
I'd like to convert some RMB yuan to US dollar, please. 请将我的一些人民币换成美元。
How many RMB to the US dollar?多少人民币可以换一美元?
Will the rate still go down tomorrow?汇率明天还会跌吗?
Please cash this check. 请兑现这张支票。
Can you change me some money, please? 能否请你给我兑换一些钱?
Five twenties and ten singles, please. 请给我5张20元和10张一元的。
Could you give me some small notes? 给我一些小票好吗?


Where can I catch a taxi? 我在哪里可以叫到出租车?
The taxi zone is right on the left corner over there.出租车站台就在左边转角处。
Drive me to XXX. 载我到XXX。
Please drive me to this address.请把我开到这个地方。
How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?打车到市中心需要多少钱?
Please open the trunk.可以帮我打开后备箱吗?
Let me check the metre out.让我看一下计价器。
By meter,please.请打表。
By the way, when can we arrive there? 顺便问一下,我们多久可以到那儿?
May I open the window?我可以开窗户吗?
Could you mind not smoking? 请不要吸烟。
Please drive slowly.请开慢一点。
Can you go a little faster?你能开快一点吗?
How much will it cost? 需要多少钱?
Here you are. You can keep the change. 给你钱,零钱不用找了。
Take me to the railway station. 载我到火车站
Shall we take the expressway?我们走高速吗?
Take me back. 载我回去
What is the charge for that? 那要多少钱?
How much extra do I have to pay for that? 我还要另外付多少?
The change is yours. 找回的钱给你。
I need a receipt, please. 请给我一张发票。


Is this the bus that goes by the mall? 这班公交车经过商业街吗?
You can transfer from this bus to bus number 2. 你可以搭乘这班车,然后转乘2路车。
Will it cost for the transfer?转车需要钱吗?
Please get me off at XXX. 请在XXX让我下车
Where can I put the coin? 硬币要放在哪里?
I can take the bus free of change with my ID card. 我可以凭证件免费乘车。
Please come here and take my seat. (让座)请过来坐我的位置。
Excuse me. Is this seat taken? 对不起,这座位有人坐吗?
I'm afraid this seat is taken. 恐怕已经有人坐了。
How long does it take? 要花多久时间?
How much is the fare? 车费是多少?
A ticket to XX, please. 我要一张去XX的票。
You still owe me one yuan. 你少找我1元钱。
Do I need to change somewhere? 我需要在哪里转车吗?
How many stops before I get off?到我下车前共有多少站呢?
What is the next stop? 下一站是哪儿?
Excuse me, am I on the right platform?对不起,请问我是否走对月台了?
Would you please let me know when we get to the stop?到站请告诉我好吗?
I missed my stop! 我坐过站了!
Where is the ticket booth?售票亭在哪里?


I reserved a room for tonight.我预定了个今晚的房间。
I have a reservation for [name]. 我用……的名字预订了房间。
I have no reservation. Do you have a single room available? 我没有预定,请问还有单人间吗? (twin room=双人间、双床房,double room=大床房)
I would like to stay for…nights, please. 我要住……晚。
How much is this room per night? 每晚多少钱?
I’d like a key to room 202,please.请给我202房间的钥匙。
Is there a room available for tonight?今晚有空房间吗?
Can you help me with this form?你能帮我填这张表吗?
Could you point me in the right direction?你能告诉我要往哪里走吗?
What time does the dining room open?餐厅什么时候营业?
When will it be ready?什么时候能准备好?
Can you keep my valuables?你能帮我保管贵重物品吗?
Does my room have a bathroom? 房间里有浴室吗? (an iron / a hairdryer / telephone / mini-bar=熨斗、吹风机、电话、小冰柜)
Does the hotel have a swimming pool? 你们酒店有游泳池吗?
Please bring me a pot of boiled water?请送一壶热水.
May I have a wake-up call?早晨能叫醒我吗?
A wake-up call, please.请提供叫醒服务。
Hello. I'm calling from Room 202. 喂,我是202房间住客。
What is the check-out time? 退房时间是几点?
I'm ready to check out now. 我要退房结账了。
May I check it? 我可以核对一下吗?
What is this charge here? 这是什么费用?
Is a credit card OK? 用信用卡支付可以吗?

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